The Best Volunteer Job in MVWSD: Library!
Wed, Sep 6 1:04pm
Gabriela Mistral Elementary
Dear Quetzal Families,
The library is certainly a bustling place. But underlying all that activity is a calm routine of receiving incoming books, repairing and cleaning them as needed, and replacing them on the shelves for the next students to enjoy.  Adult or responsible teen volunteers are needed to keep up with the volume of shelving and repairs in our school library!
With our large campus we circulate well over 1,000 books per week, and many more are used inside the library. Parents have long provided a crucial amount of help making sure the books are in their places and ready for use. If you enjoy seeing children's faces light up with pleasure at the sight of our abundant collection, please click the link below for a signup sheet to indicate that you're willing to spend half an hour or so once a week shelving, repairing, displaying, or recommending books.  I have a job for every personality type.  Your help will be so very much appreciated...and you will probably discover your next great family read-aloud!
Looking forward to having some of you join our team of book-loving parents!
Liz Mabey