Gallimore Clubs Information
Tue, Oct 9 8:13pm
Gallimore Elementary
[Friendly reminder in case you did not have time to read last week's email...]
From the desk of Mrs. Aimee Bell, Principal:
Good Morning Gallimore Families,
Every year at Gallimore we host a Clubs Meeting to give families an opportunity to connect around clubs that they are interested in for their child and our school. This meeting was held on Monday, September 24th. During the meeting some families signed up for clubs that they were interested in and also expressed interest in starting new clubs.
If your child is interested in possibly joining a Gallimore club please review the document at the below link, and take the steps needed to enlist your child in the club. Please note that clubs that are listed as not having leads will not take shape unless parents can lead them. Our committment at Gallimore School is to supporting families in communication about clubs as well as providing space for clubs that are related to core academic areas.
If you signed up for a club during the September 24th Clubs Meeting you do not need to sign up again. I will send information to all interested families by the end of next week, October 12th.
Thank you,
Aimee Bell