Square 1 Art - "What Brings You Joy?"
Wed, Oct 3
Gallimore Elementary
3 days before

This year's Square 1 Art theme is "What Brings You Joy?"


With the Square 1 Art program, your child's artwork can be further enjoyed on fun items such as ornaments, mugs, and of course, printed canvases. The worksheet comes home with your student this week, participation is completely voluntary. Any student submitting artwork will receive a packet, which includes an order form, along with a set of custom stickers, printed with their artwork, free of charge.



1. Complete and turn in Square 1 Art worksheet to office by Wednesday, October 3rd.

2. Packets with order form/custom stickers come home late October.

3. Orders due early November.

4. Ordered items come home 1-2 weeks after Thanksgiving (these make great holiday gifts!)


*View available products here: https://shop.square1art.com/Shop/view-all-products/

[Yes, you can place your order online with the code included in the packet which will come home late October]

*Children who do not attend Gallimore are welcome to participate, extra worksheets are available in the school office. 

[Please attach a note with 1) artist's name 2) Gallimore student's name/teacher]


Questions? Please contact Laura Reeves at lmcreeves@gmail.com