Fri, Nov 2
Gates Elementary

The Jog-A-Thon is one of the school's major PTA fundraiser. The fundraiser gives Gates students the opportunity to raise money for their school by collecting pledges and participating in a lap run for 20 minutes.


All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the front office.



  8:45-9:15 9:30-10:00 10:25-10:55 11:05-11:35 12:40-1:10 1:15-1:45 2:00-2:30
Red  Regueiro Diaz O'Brien Naudin Baker  Gomez Bebower
Blue Rubalcava Castillo Davalos Flagstad Baires Magallon Flores
Yellow E. Garcia Tarin Safai Rodriguez Docheff Mostert Fung
Green G. Garcia Calderon Crowe Greenway Edson Smith Rohr
Orange Gullardo   Martinez  Gutierrez Jones Berbower Rios