!!! Camping Details !!!
Tue, Oct 3 5:35pm
** If your Girl Scout is going on the camping trip this weekend, please read through this list AND reply in the comments to acknowledge that you have read and understand all information posted
• Meet Friday BY 3:30pm at recreation park - parking lot next to skate park. We need to get on the road at a decent hour due to traffic and daylight considerations
• All toiletries must be put into a labeled ziplock bag so it can be put into the bear box
• Please pack nothing that is scented - no perfume or makeup
• Don't pack any food or candy
* Don't pack any personal items that if lost or damaged will cause your Girl Scout to be upset
• All medicine must be checked in with a troop leader (Do not pack medicine with your Girl Scout)
*** We will be checking each girl’s belongings before getting in the car to make sure nothing is forgotten
* sandals/flip flops
* Tank tops
* Air mattress
* Uniform
* Electronics
* Mess Kit in mesh bag
* Full permission slip - bring entire page
* Sleeping bag
* Sleeping mat
* Pillow
* Sneakers
* Sun hat
* Refillable water bottle
* Sunscreen
* Bug Repellent
* Small bag/backpack for hiking
* WARM clothes - especially for evening and sleeping
* Jacket, winter hat, gloves
* Toiletries (campsite has no showers so no shampoo/conditioner/soap needed)
* Camping chair
* Flashlight or headlamp
Holly Miller
Jennifer Schmidt
Luz Ortega
Abigail Winthrop Stieglitz
Erin Korner
Christine Chuong