Annual Fingerprinting Requirement - Volunteer Expectations
Sun, Sep 10 7:35pm
Glendale Elementary

Volunteers are needed and welcome at GLES, but must be registered and fingerprinted by the district. Dr. Fausnaugh has registration/fingerprinting forms available. He is required to sign forms for any volunteer/parent who will be at the school. Fingerprinting must be done annually so even if you were fingerprinted last year, you must do it again this year.  Then, you take the signed volunteer form to the Princeton District HR Office on Tuesday or Thursday 2-4 p.m. or you can call and make an appointment that fits yours schedule.  

  • Princeton City Schools
    Human Resource Department
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    Cincinnati, OH 45241

    Phone: 513.864.1080
    Fax: 513.864.1089