*FINAL REMINDER* Join your class here on Konstella!
Thu, Aug 19 11:33am

Hey there, I hope that everyone had a super first day at school yesterday!! This is just a final reminder to make sure that you have assigned your child to their classroom here on Konstella. Many teachers will be posting their Back To School Night Zoom login information in their class chat today (as well as ongoing parent discussions throughout the year), so please ensure that you have connected so that you can stay in the loop. 

>From your computer, click your name in the upper left corner.

>Click "Your Children" from the drop down menu.

>From there you will click each Child's Name from the top buttons

>And at the middle of the screen under their profile you'll see "Classroom"

>That is where you can select their teacher from the menu. 

If you have any questions, please let me know!