2022 - 2023 PTA Executive Board Slate
Thu, Feb 24 2:19pm

As a PTA, we must post the slate of officers, that the Nominating Committee has selected, 28 days before our Association Election Meeting. That meeting will take place on March 24th at 6pm. Any Association members are able to attend and take part. 


2022 - 2023 PTA Executive Board Slate

President ------------ Erin Nevins

Executive VP ------------ Nirmitha Iyangar

Secretary ------------ Ani Adjemian

Treasurer ------------ Hera Jabarian

1st VP ------------ Kate DiRienzo-Payne

2nd VP ------------ Amy Gambell

3rd VP ------------ Heather Ward

4th VP ------------ Theresa Costello

Auditor ------------ Jenni Medina

Historian ------------ Henry Jackson

Parliamentarian ------------ Alexandra DiRuscio