Art Week Day 3!
Wed, Oct 14 9:35am

Today we are holding our collaborative chalk mandala at school, but you MUST have signed up for a time slot in order to participate.

If you are participating :

-remember to wear your mask and use the provided hand sanitizer

-make sure you are at the correct mandala (#1 is by the office and #2 is by the auditorium)

-Ms. Meeti drew the outlines for the mandalas and has labeled the section that you are able to color and decorate. Please only color in the section assigned to you.

-Please remember to stay within your 15 minute time frame to ensure groups don't overlap. 

If you weren't able to get a time slot, please spend today making your own mandala at home - you can use chalk on your driveway, crayons or colored pencils on paper, just find a way to use what you've learned to create your very own design! Take pictures and share them on our "Glenoaks Elementary School Parents" Facebook group!

You can also spend today finishing your weaving project from Monday. Please drop them off to the school by Thursday at noon to be included in a larger weaving for the drive-through gallery! 

Whatever you do, remember to be creative and express yourself!