Bandit Fit-a-Thon Time!
Tue, Oct 27 12:33pm

Who remembers the Bandit Run (aka jog-a-thon)?


Glenoaks Elementary School hosts a fun jog-a-thon each year to raise money for the Glenoaks Elementary School Foundation (GESF). We renamed our jog-a-thon to Bandit Run a few years ago. This year we will be hosting a Bandit Fit-a-Thon! Instead of spending a day jogging around a track at school, we will be spending 3 weeks doing fun fitness activities from home and logging how many fitness minutes get completed each day. These fitness minutes can come from walking around your neighborhood, swimming, biking, hiking, hoola-hooping, skateboarding, the possibilities are endless! You can log your child's fitness minutes to their personal fundraising page. Our goal is to have all our students do 20 minutes of fitness each day!


Click here to register for your child's fundraising page. As they start to build up fitness minutes they can send their fundraising page to family and friends for donations to support our school! All donations go to GESF which helps fund special programs at our school including library, music, lower grade PE, new technology, computer lab and more! Our fundraising goal this year is $20.000!


It's time to get registered and have your child pick what fitness activities they want to do to help raise money for our school! A great way to get family and friends involved is to take photos or videos of your child doing their fitness activity and posting that to your child's fundraising page and/or your social media pages!


Lot's more information to come soon!