DAY 1 - Green Team's Earth Week Celebration
Mon, Apr 19 8:18am

Good Morning! We are kicking Earth Week off with:

1. Sign-ups for our school planting project on Thursday! It's currently posted on Konstella and will be sent out following this announcement via email. 

2. Did you know that Monarch butterflies are Endangered!? Attached is a worksheet all about their life cycle and what kinds of plants can help save Monarch Butterflies! You can also learn more about Monarch Butterflies HERE.

3. A questionnaire made by one of our Green Team student leaders who is interested in connecting with other kids at our school who have the same love for nature as she does. It's attached to this announcement, please have your child fill it out and return it to the Green Box outside the front office! 

Reach out with any questions and stay tuned for tomorrow's art project!