DAY 2 - Earth Week Celebration
Tue, Apr 20 8:48am

Today's the day for our schoolwide Butterfly Art Project! Stop by the school to pick up a prepared kit with the supplies you need! Grab a few of them to make as a family! You'll find them in baskets by the Kinder gate and the main entry gate by the Auditorium. I'll also attach the template if you'd like to print it from home and do it yourself. 


1. Cut out the butterflies
2. Decorate and write a message of hope, gratitude or how you will help the earth
3. Punch a hole and attach a string tie
4. Hang it up outside of the Kinder fence to create a school art installation
Also attached are some pictures and examples of the finished butterflies and kits. 
-Have your student fill out the Questionnaire from yesterday's announcement and return it to the Green Box in front of the office
-Spend some time looking through our Librarian's virtual library celebrating Earth Week HERE
-Sign up to take part in our planting project, sign up is on your main feed here on Konstella, spaces are limited!