Day 1: Random Acts of Kindness Week!
Mon, Feb 15 12:03pm

While there's no school today, our Kindness Week begins...NOW! 

Today's Kindness Challenges are:

1. Write a thank you note to your teacher

2. Cut out and decorate paper hearts, include kind messages or messages of thanks on them. These will be used to make a wall of love!

You can turn both of these in to the Kindness Mailbox that is in front of the school office! Please do so by Wednesday.

--->And speaking of the school, we have set up a Kindness Walk with beautiful posters and chalk messages in front of the school, so if you're nearby any time this week, come take a look, take pictures and take in all the good vibes!! 

(Attached is the schedule of daily challenges and the Kindness Punchcard. Remember, if you do a challenge each day, you get a chance to win a raffle prize!)