Did you have Ms Newman or Ms Holden as your teacher?
Sun, May 30 6:57pm

I have gotten a number of messages asking, so I wanted to extend it widely. You may turn in your submission for Ms Newman and/or Ms. Holden by end of day Tuesday. I will be doing my final pickup on Wednesday. I've gone through the over 50 items turned in and the letters students and families have written and the pictures included are so heartfelt and I know it will truly send them off with so much love! Thank you, thank you for participating and putting all these good vibes into the world! 


Original Message:

Ms Newman and Ms Holden are retiring!

Help us celebrate them with the most special collection of thanks, well wishes and memories! Please take some time this weekend to write a note, draw a picture, submit a photo for Ms. Holden and/or Ms. Newman to the front office.

Please make sure your submission is on normal printer sized paper (8.5x11) or smaller as we will be putting them together as a book for each of them. 

p.s. this announcement is hidden from teachers, so let's keep it under wraps!