Earth Week Celebration by the PTA Green Team
Fri, Apr 16 8:13am

The PTA Green Team is all about taking care of our environment, connecting with the outdoors, beautifying our school and so much more! Efforts are being focused on creating projects that get students engaged and involved...and that includes our upcoming Earth Week Celebration! We'll be posting daily Konstella announcements next week with each day's activity, but here's a little sneak peek!

MONDAY: Sign-ups for our Earth Day planting open on Monday. You'll also get a worksheet made by one of our very own student leaders.

TUESDAY: Schoolwide butterfly art project

WEDNESDAY: We met with a local plant expert to ask him some important questions and we'll share that video interview you Wednesday

THURSDAY: Planting day!

FRIDAY: At-home outdoor scavenger hunt and clean up!

In addition to all of the activities the Green Team has planned, our librarian Ms. Guzik has joined the effort and created an amazing virtual library for you and your students to enjoy! You can visit it HERE . She has also filmed a read aloud of the book, The Curious Garden. It can be viewed HERE .

Have a great weekend, check out the attached flyer and stay tuned for our Earth Week posts next week!