GEDI Welcome Message!
Sat, Aug 21 12:36pm

Here's a message from your Glenoaks Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Team (GEDI)! 


Welcome back to school! We have some really exciting things lined up for the year. Over the summer we worked with the Glenoaks Foundation (GESF) and added multi-cultural art supplies to the art carts and directly in the classrooms! All classes will have access to diverse skin tone paints, construction paper, markers, pencils and crayons.

Mrs. Guzik, our librarian, has added culturally relevant books to the library for both the students and staff and will be distributing sets of diversity and inclusion writing and discussion prompts to every class.

Lastly, as far as supplies go, we have provided our school nurse with fifteen box of different skin tone band aids.

All of this has been done in an effort to ensure that all of our students feel seen and represented. 

GEDI is also hosting a speaker series throughout the year for teachers and parents, to bring even more resources and educational opportunities to our Glenoaks family! Our first one will be held on September 9th and the topic will be, "Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids and Cultivating an On-Campus Culture of Empathy," where discussion will be centered on guiding our students toward social/emotional well being and creating a supportive on campus environment. 

GEDI creates a monthly calendar highlighting a diverse selection of holidays and celebrations - each one is linked with information to learn more about it. Our calendar is also accompanied by a virtual library with books and videos centered on the month's theme, curated for our elementary students by our very own librarian! The calendar is attached to this announcement and you can access the virtual library to share with your kids HERE .

Thank you for allowing us to introduce GEDI and everything we have in motion right now, most importantly, we'd love for you to join us at our next meeting! Details will be posted on the Konstella calendar once it's scheduled.