GUSD Board meeting TOMORROW
Mon, Feb 18 10:43pm
Glenoaks Elementary School
Hi Glenoaks  family!
The PTA board encourages absolutely everyone to go  to the GUSD board meeting tomorrow afternoon.  The agenda has been posted.  The GUSD Board is going ahead and looking at approving an increase in budget for Hoover high school's pool.
Here is the agenda.  Go to p.4 the $5M budget increase is what we are opposing.
A $5M increase for Hoover will likely turn into another ask of $5M more for GHS and another ask of $4M for CVHS.  (Essentially doubling what was already approved.)
After all is said and done, a potential $28 to $30M of Measure S dollars (MORE THAN 10% of the TOTAL $270M raised by the bond could go to pools!)
All while our kids at Glenoaks as well as kids at Monte Vista Elementary and  Dunsmore Elementary are still in BUNGALOWS!!
We need bodies, we need a show of force.  We need parents to stand with us (and if the kids need to come, bring them in their Glenoaks shirts!!).
This is not what we, as taxpayers, intended when we approved Measure S.  These our are taxes, dollars — our money being spent so that high schools can renovate POOLS.  Only the swim and water polo teams benefit from this!!!
Meanwhile we’re still in BUNGALOWS!
Meeting starts at 4:30, public comment section is at the beginning so please come by that time. 
Any questions or comments please let me know! I know we're all busy,  but if you have the time please consider going to show the board we care and our school matters. Parents from Monte Vista and Dunsmore will also be there in support