Gender Identity & Community Support
Sat, May 14 3:07pm

Join us, Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm on Zoom for the final speaker event of the year, presented by your Glenoaks Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team! We will be joined by Dr. Rodriguez on the topic of Gender Identity and Community Support.

She will guide us in gaining an understanding about:

-what gender identity means

-what supporting and rejecting behaviors are

-what the impact of parental and community rejection is 

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Any other questions about this event may be directed to Mr. DiMundo at

We look forward to seeing you there and learning together!

The Glenoaks Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team seeks to create a positive school environment where all children feel safe, supported and welcome. When students feel connected to and accepted by their school community, they are better able to learn and grow.