Happy December from GEDI!
Tue, Dec 1 7:01pm
Happy December!
Together at GEDI, we have created a monthly calendar that will feature observances that align with our mission of building a school environment that welcomes everyone as they are, and broadens the minds of our students with a culturally responsive education.
This calendar will come out each month, and include links to pages that give more insight to that particular day.  We will also highlight a specific day that we as a committee want to acknowledge.
This December we are recognizing Universal Human Rights month, which seems pretty on point, given what a year we have had.  Please take a look and as always, join GEDI anytime or even just hang out during one of our meetings to see what we are working on! 
-Kate DiRienzo Payne, GEDI Communications Chair
Our next GEDI (Glenoaks Elementary Diversity & Inclusion Committee) meeting is December 7th @ 3pm. Please reach out to Jeff Hitchcock at: jeffreyhitchcock@gmail.com to join us!