Happy New Year from GEDI!
Thu, Dec 31 9:23am

Hello Glenoaks Families! No, it's not time to head back to school just yet, but it is - almost - a New Year, which means it's time for the GEDI January calendar!

Every month, GEDI (Glenoaks Elementary Diversity & Inclusion) is curating a calendar including a diverse representation of holidays and marking notable birthdays of historical figures. Each holiday on the calendar is a clickable link bringing you to resources and information about that holiday and each birthday is linked to a book celebrating that person.

In addition, our librarian Ms Guzik has joined the team and is creating virtual libraries that coincide with some of the month's holidays and themes.

This month we are honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,  a man who believed that each new day brings a new chance to create a more equal society. The January calendar is attached to this message, and you can access Ms. Guzik's virtual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Movement libraries for all grade levels HERE.

Looking forward to the months ahead and always grateful to be a part of this school community!