Harvest of Love!
Mon, Nov 9 10:30am

Hey Glenoaks Families!

Our PTA has partnered up with schools across the district to help the GUSD Food Pantry provide Thanksgiving meal baskets for nearly 100 families who are most in-need or experiencing homelessness and we need YOUR help! 

Glenoaks is responsible for collecting 100 boxes of Mac n Cheese and 200 Cans of Vegetables (like corn, green beans and peas!)

Can you help us reach our goal to make sure our GUSD families don't go hungry this holiday season?

You can drop off your contributions to the boxes outside of the Front Office at school this week! 

Here are some suggestions to make it even easier:

-Grab some extra cans of vegetables or mac n cheese when you head to the store this week. 

-Order from Instacart and have it delivered straight to the school (between the hours of 8am-3pm)

-Order in bulk to make your contribution go further or pitch in with some friends to order in bulk together.  Amazon, Costco, Walmart have lower shipping/free shipping on packs of canned vegetables and mac n cheese - and often times lower prices. (links included above)

Thank you for all of your support and everything you do to constantly create a sense of togetherness during this whacky year, because afterall, we are stronger together!