How to nominate an Outstanding Teacher and/or Volunteer for an HSA Award
Mon, Dec 10 8:24pm
Glenoaks Elementary School

Every day our children’s educational experiences at Glenoaks Elementary School are enriched by our many volunteers.  Some work in the library, computer lab, or assist in the classrooms, and others organize the school’s special events or fundraisers.  Because of this dedicated and energetic volunteer base, so much happens here at Glenoaks on a daily basis that doesn’t take place at other schools.  All of the volunteer hours are a remarkable gift, and now is the time to highlight some of those special individuals.

Each year at the Founder’s Day Luncheon (the PTA’s Birthday Party), the PTA recognizes deserving PTA, GESF, school and community volunteers, outstanding teachers, as well as administrators. .  A donation is made in each recipient’s name to the Honorary Service Award Program of the California State PTA.  These funds are used for student loans and scholarships to further the education of young people, as well as for those working in areas to positively impact children.

This year there are two ways to make your nominations.  (1)  You may send a direct message to Ani Adjemian via Konstella; or (2) You may email your nomination(s) to Ani Adjemian at  If nominating via email, please type “Glenoaks HSA Nominations” in the subject line.  Please see form below for the information requested with the nomination.

Deadline for nominations is Monday, December 17, 2018. 

Awardees will be honored at the Founder’s Day Luncheon on Saturday, February 23, 2019. 




PTA celebrates its birthday (Founder’s Day) by honoring people within the community for exceptional service to our children with Honorary Service Awards.  Recipients need not be a member of PTA, they just need to be an individual, or a group, that is making a difference for our children.  Please help us identify those that have made a difference by making a nomination.  The final recipients will be honored at our Founder’s Day luncheon on Saturday, February 23, 2019.


I hereby nominate the following person/group to be honored with an Honorary Service Award from Glenoaks PTA for outstanding service to the children of our community (Nominations due by Monday, December 17, 2018):

Name of Nominee:



Reason(s) why the Nominee deserves this recognition:                                                                   







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