Interview with a Plant Expert!
Mon, Apr 12 9:45am

Our PTA Green Team is partnering up with a local nursery for our upcoming Earth Week to interview one of their workers, giving our students a chance to ask some questions about gardening, about our local plantlife, and more! 

You can have your student submit a question two ways:

1. Via email: and make sure to include their name and who their teacher is.

2. Via Video (recorded horizontally) asking our plant expert, Parker, their question!  Have them start it off with, "Hi I'm ___________ from (teacher/class name)." You can then email it to the above address. 

We will be selecting a handful of these student submitted questions. These are due no later than TUESDAY NIGHT.

Some examples of questions:

-What kinds of plants are native to the area?

-What kind of plants do best with a lot of sun? Shade? 

-How do I take care of a certain kind of plant?

-How deep of a hole do I need when planting trees?

You get the idea!  Looking forward to learning together and engaging our students in their love for the natural world!