Mystery Science & DIY Projects!
Wed, May 12 8:20pm

Good evening! We hope your students had a great time during the Professor Egghead presentations! We loved seeing all of their excited faces on Zoom earlier this week!

For the rest of this week, our science fair team has picked out some really great Mystery Science videos and some fun DIY science projects. Encourage your students to pick one (or more!) out and get their science on! 


Why do Woodpeckers peck Wood?

How can the Sun help you if you're Lost?


If you floated down a river, where would you end up?

How does your brain control your body?


Solar Oven S'mores

Make the Biggest Bubble you can

Ferris Wheel Project

Remember to post pictures to our Glenoaks Parents Facebook Page!

You can also see all of the links on the pdf attached to this announcement!