Need Parents for The Great Shake Out
Thu, Oct 19 8:00am
Glenoaks Elementary School

Every year Glenoaks Elementary and other GUSD schools participate in The Great California Shake Out. This is an opportunity for the students and staff to practice how to be safer during a major earthquake or any other emergency. It gives school staff a chance to practice their emergency preparedness plan and to see where it needs to be updated to keep the students safe in a real emergency. 


Mr. Di Mundo needs 10 parents to volunteer on Thursday morning. Each parent will be given a different role (hysterical, demanding, pleading etc.)  to test the staff on how well they hold up under the pressure of a major event and how well they follow the school's emergency preparedness plan. It's a great opportunity to see the school's plan in action and give feedback to the school administration on how well they did. Please sign up and come to the school at 8:00 AM to see Mr. Di Mundo for your role.


Parent Volunteers Signed Up: 5 / 10

Thu, Oct 19 8:00am
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