New building for Glenoaks? We need your PTA memberships!
Tue, Oct 8 9:17pm
Glenoaks got awesome news last night (10/7) at the school board meeting!!  Glenoaks classroom bungalows - that were to be temporary 20 plus years ago - might be replaced by a new classroom building on campus.  It is right now one of 3 priority projects the district wants to complete with Measure S funds.  
This is very exciting news and the recommendation was made after a long survey of facilities was completed.  But it's a very long road to this new building.  We'll be working with parents  as the district continues to survey facility needs. 
This news does not come in a vacuum.  There were many parents involved in advocating for Glenoaks.  Last year, Glenoaks PTA grew to a 1-to-1 ratio which means we had as many parent supporters as we have kids enrolled at the school.  And this matters to the district because they know parents who are involved will advocate for their kids. Let's get to a 1-to-1 ratio again.  All it takes to show you care is you signing up as a PTA member.
As of today (10/8) we have 515 PTA members, just 25 members short of our 1-to-1 target! 
Besides giving us a stronger voice at the district, you could also earn an ice cream party for your child's classroom!! 
We are having a classroom competition and PTA will host an ice cream sundae party for the top two (2) classrooms with the highest per capita PTA members. 
Here are the latest numbers/classroom:
Cichy 12 0 0.00%
Barber  23 6 26.09%
Soo-Parker 10 3 30.00%
West  22 12 54.55%
Maynes 26 19 73.08%
Amses 36 31 86.11%
Glandian 26 23 88.46%
Skywalker  10 9 90.00%
Grigorian  32 29 90.63%
Junge 24 22 91.67%
Mann 17 16 94.12%
Hernandez/McPhillips 22 22 100.00%
Sparks  35 36 102.86%
Newman 26 30 115.38%
Nicoll  30 37 123.33%
Teoh 26 33 126.92%
Arnston  20 26 130.00%
Soghomonian 24 39 162.50%
Hamo 32 55 171.88%
Holden 32 66 206.25%
G.  24 51 212.50%
Lau 24 57 237.50%
Parents can join the PTA at or by filling out the PTA envelope (available in the office) and sending it to school. 
Our PTA is active and always looking for more parents to get involved.  If you ever have any questions, contact your PTA president Deedee Henniger @