Order Square 1 Art & Support Glenoaks Elementary
Wed, Nov 1 3:41pm
Glenoaks Elementary School


Support Glenoaks - Place your order today! 

Don't forget to share your online art access code with friends and family


The deadline to place orders for the PTA Fall Fundraiser is Monday 11/6.

Families please share your online art access code on the back of your Square 1 Art catalog with friends and family. Each separate order placed means a higher percentage rate earned  for Glenoaks Elementary School and it's students! All orders place before 11/6 will ship free to the school the first week of December.

This is the PTA's biggest fundraiser of the year. PTA funds pay for the assemblies and fun fairs throughout the year at Glenoaks. By supporting the PTA you are helping to ensure our students have a fun and enriching school experience.


Head over to https://shop.square1art.com/shop/ to place your order today or return your paper order form to school by 11/6/17.


Thank you Glenoaks Families!


Please message Jenny Freudenberg with any questions/comments or email her at pta@jennyramirez.com.