PTA Sponsored Assembly-Got Rhythm!
Fri, Feb 8 8:00am-11:00am
Glenoaks Elementary School

Paid for by the PTA...

Got Rhythm! (a jazz ensemble) will come perform for the Glenoaks Students. This assembly is during the school day and is only for teachers and students.

Got Rhythm! is a captivating dance and music performance based in the indigenous American art form of rhythm tap dance.  Channing Cook- Holmes, tap dancer and drummer extraordinaire, presents rhythm tap in its purest form with live instrumentation. It is a contemporary look at the origins of tap dance and the masters of the art, featuring drums, bass, and keyboards. Channing, along with the ensemble, interacts with and engages the audience in rhythm making, encouraging each person to discover the tap dancer or musician inside.

Thank you for supporting the Glenoaks PTA!