PTA Sponsored Assembly-The Chameleons-Adventures in Space
Fri, May 17 8:00am-12:00pm
Glenoaks Elementary School

Paid for by your Glenoaks PTA...

The Chameleons will come perform at Glenoaks during the school day for our students and teachers.

The world-renowned Physical Theater duo called The Chameleons, also known as Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin, have captivated thousands of young people world-wide with their electrifying performances. Their highly acclaimed children's programs are a celebration of theatre magic, wonder and surprise. Adventures in Space is an outer-space adventure that combines mime and astronomy to tell the story of two school-age characters launched into an amazing journey of discovery and imagination. As the trek begins and characters, illusions and sound effects take over, the audience becomes so focused you can hear an idea drop. Performed to a thrilling spoken narration and accompanied by a marvelous musical score and sound effects, this program is science-based fun that celebrates new worlds and new friends.