Science Fair Volunteer Sign-Up
Wed, Feb 19 8:20am - Thu, Feb 20 1:30pm
Glenoaks Elementary School
4 days before

Please sign-up to help with the Science Fair.  Don't worry there are only two stations; one station will be run by Professor Egghead while the other will be ran by me. We just need parents to help in setting up, assisting students completing their projects, and making sure students are not touching the other projects around the auditorium. Since the Science Fair is two different days make sure to look at the date you are signing up for. Thank you in advance for all your help.


G and Newman Signed Up: 3 / 6

Wed, Feb 19 8:20am-9:20am
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Amses and Sparks Signed Up: 4 / 6

Wed, Feb 19 9:20am-10:15am
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Arnston and Junge Signed Up: 3 / 6

Wed, Feb 19 10:15am-11:10am
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Hamo and Grigorian Signed Up: 2 / 6

Wed, Feb 19 11:10am-12:05pm
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West and Barber Signed Up: 3 / 6

Wed, Feb 19 12:05pm-1:00pm
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Mann , Hernandez/McPhillips, and Skywalker Signed Up: 3 / 6

Thu, Feb 20 8:20am-9:20am
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Nicoll Signed Up: 2 / 6

Thu, Feb 20 9:20am-10:15am
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Teoh and Maynes Signed Up: 3 / 6

Thu, Feb 20 10:15am-11:10am
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Glandian and Holden Signed Up: 4 / 6

Thu, Feb 20 11:10am-12:05pm
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Lau and Soghomonian Signed Up: 6 / 6

Thu, Feb 20 12:05pm-1:00pm

SAI Cichy and Soo-Parker Signed Up: 0 / 4

Thu, Feb 20 1:00pm-1:30pm
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