If you have NOT attended a training, you CAN still volunteer!

Wed, Oct 5 1:57pm

Please know that the administration has reconsidered their policy on the training.  If you are waiting to volunteer because you haven't been able to attend a training your wait is OVER!  If you have a ... [More]

There's lots of work to do in the Volunteer Room!

Wed, Oct 5 1:35pm

If you have an hour here or there please remember to get in to the volunteer room.  We have work piling up.  Thank you!  Don't wait to get your hours.  

Workers Needed

Thu, Sep 29 4:19pm

Please know that there are lots of things to do in the volunteer room!  The teachers are starting to realize how helpful you are.  We need volunteers to come in and spend some time helping out our tea ... [More]

Mandatory Training

Wed, Sep 28 8:00am

Remember that to volunteer in any capacity you must attend one training.  These are mandatory.  We have already had two trainings and will schedule another one for early October.  Please be sure to at ... [More]


Wed, Sep 14 4:08pm

We welcome all the new members who joined on the Back to School night!  Please encourage other Goldfarb parents to sign up.  The more parents here the better!