2018 Parent Teacher Conference POT LUCK for Grattan Teachers and Staff!
Sun, Nov 11 7:33am
Grattan Elementary

Hi Wonderful Grattan Community!


Something for you to keep in mind, families!  The Parent Teacher Conferences are quickly approaching, November 26-November 30th, and it has been a long standing tradition at Grattan that the families provide potluck lunches for the teachers and staff for the week as a gesture of thanks for the hard work and dedication they have shown toward our students and families! 


As a grade level, you and your classroom families are asked to consider participating in this terrific community building, week-long event.  It's a delicious and heartfelt way of showing how much you appreciate Grattan!

You will soon receive an email containing a link to a sign up for your grade level.  Your grade level will be assigned a date and a list of dishes to bring.  We hope you will consider showing off your culinary prowess on your grade's day to provide food!  The dates are as follows:

November 26th-Pre K and KINDERGARTEN

November 27th-1st GRADE

November 28th-2nd GRADE

November 29th-3rd GRADE

November 30-4th and 5th GRADE

Please consider participating in the Grattan Parent Teacher Conference Potluck.  Every year, the teachers look forward to this week of delicious lunches, and are always so grateful for the show of thanks from their grade level families.   It's a great week for families and teachers to be thankful for Grattan, and for each other.

With Many Thanks,

Kristina Kim and Nada Perrone
Your PTA Volunteering Committee