Annual Campaign launches Spirit Week tomorrow
Sun, Oct 20 9:55pm

Annual Campaign 

Spirit Week starts tomorrow!


Celebrate our kids, our teachers, our families and the Grattan community during School Spirit Week. 


Pop on the backpack tag from your Annual Campaign letter and keep these Spirit Week days in mind when getting dressed and ready this week:


Tuesday, October 22: Grattan Gear Day!  
"Wear all your Grattan gear, all at the same time!"


Wednesday, October 23: Crazy Hair Day! 

"Go wild...or at least comb free!"


Thursday, October 24: Music Day!  

"Gettin’ jiggy with it!"


Friday October 25: Pajama Day!  

"Just roll out of bed and right on over to school!"


And don’t forget Parents’ Night Out at Finnegans’ Wake on October 24 from 7-9ish :)


Families, please support Grattan this week through a contribution. Drop off a check in the black PTA box behind Ms. Karen in the office, or donate online at (


Looking forward to a fun week!

The Fundraising Team