Bake Sale Success! Appreciations an Gratitude to the Grattan Community!
Sun, Sep 30 7:46pm
Grattan Elementary

Dear Bakers, Buyers, Sellers, Booth Dwellers, and all of those in the Grattan Community,


Katie Darling asked that the PTA Volunteering Committee take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who made today's Cole Valley Fair a huge success!   We knocked it out of the park today, and sold pretty much everything in our inventory by 4:30.  That's a lot of sweets out the door, and a very clear indicator of how much support there is in Cole Valley for Grattan Elementary.  


From the bakers, to the volunteers and all of the community members who came out to get a treat, buy some gear or just say "Hello..."  We couldn't have done it without you.  There were so many who just stopped in with cash donation in hand, and didn't even take a baked good.  It was a truly wonderful day.  


We outpaced our best year and we don't even have the Grattan Gear totals in yet!  (Thank you, cold SF weather and Karl the Fog, for upping our hoodie sales in the afternoon.)


Thank you all for making this such a fun event again this year.  Katie did an incredible job organizing, and we are so grateful for her hard work and dedication to all things baked.  


With Gratitude,


Kristina Kim and Nada Perrone

Your PTA Volunteering Committee