Big Appreciations and Gratitude for You, Grattan Families!
Fri, Nov 30 8:04pm
Grattan Elementary

Dear Grattan Families,


The teachers and staff of Grattan want to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Family/Teacher Conference Week,  and to all who baked, cooked, and created delicious dishes and meals for the week-long brunch lunch we were so incredibly fortunate to have.   Teachers were overheard making many "yummmmmy" noises in the lounge this week.  It was all absolutely delicious, and we are all enormously thankful.

These have been challenging months, for some far more than others.  With entire Butte County school districts displaced, and families having to rebuild their lives from the ash, we at Grattan know how much we have to be grateful for by assessing how much we have to lose. The smoky air we experienced these past few weeks was a stark reminder of how incredibly lucky we all are to have homes, family, and food so accessible to us.  But in addition to that, we are all feeling so fortunate to have our amazingly supportive Grattan community.  This week, the families of our students took the opportunity to express how much they love their school, and it was overwhelming.


The yearly Family/Teacher Conference Brunch Week tradition has been something teachers and staff have always looked forward to, as it has relieved some of the stress from report cards and assessment and paperwork.   But more than that, we love that our families are so openly supportive and caring of their teachers.  We feel truly lucky to be a part of this wonderful community.


So, dear Grattan families, teachers are so grateful for the outpouring of support and love this week!  Thank you so much for feeding us through the paperwork and meetings.  You make it very clear that you value our school, and everyone in our community.  

There will be more opportunities to show your love for the community this month, so please look for Ms. Toni's Snowmen on the community board outside Ms. Walter's office if you would like to contribute to those at Grattan who may need a little help this year.  More on that to come in The Bee.

With Gratitude and Heartfelt Thanks,

Ms. Kim
VP of Volunteering
K107 (well-fed) Teacher