Calling All Grattan Activists!
Tue, Oct 18 8:04pm
All - 
We have some opportunities for Grattan activists--parents and kids--that we wanted to let you know about: 

First, as many of you have heard, the roll out of a new SFUSD payroll system for our beloved teachers and staff has been a disaster. Staff at Grattan should not have to spend tens of hours trying to correct mistakes in their paychecks and recover lost money, submitting help tickets that lead nowhere. Our teachers have lost precious time tracking down money they should have received automatically, and other teachers have had retirement accounts disappear. These problems have not been solved despite many assurances. We understand the Board has hired an outside consultant to try to fix the problems, but it is not clear what we can expect in terms of the timeline and when things will be fixed.  We need answers to these questions now. Our teachers and staff deserve better!


Parents, please join us in signing a petition to the Board and Superintendent in support of our teachers, requesting answers.  Click here to learn more: 


You are also welcome to email the school board members directly at;;;;; 


Second, there will be a rally in support of teachers and staff on October 25, 2022, at 5pm at 555 Franklin Street. See attached flyer for more info.  Families and children are very welcome!


We would love to deliver the petition to School Board members in time for the rally on October 25, so please get your signatures in this week!   


Thank you for supporting our wonderful teachers and staff! 

Sarah & Mandy

PTA Co-Presidents