Count Me In! (CMI)
Mon, Jan 24 5:55pm

Hello Grattan Families!


It's time to have fun! We're gathering ideas for Count Me Ins. Are you interested in hosting? Have you been wanting to throw a party and need an excuse? Do you have an idea for a workshop? Do you have awesome connections? Do you have fun in a certain way you'd like to share with others? All of these are great starts for a Count Me In.


What’s a Count Me In?


These are events that Grattan parents host for kids, families, or adults. We sell tickets through our website, and the ticket money goes straight to the Grattan PTA to fund things like extra teachers and school supplies!


Some fun Count Me Ins (CMIs) in the past have been: Cookouts, hiking groups, kid craft parties, tours of facilities, game nights, baseball games, soccer tournament, knife skills for kids at Lukes Local, Church of 8 Wheel rollerskating night, taco parties… you get the idea!


We even have some ideas that are just begging for hosts: 3V3 basketball tournament, camping trip, The Game Parlour, Improv or Puppetry Workshop for kids, Magician Workshop for kids, beach bonfire, March Madness viewing party, yoga paddle boarding, boating on the bay, urban bike adventure, Kezar field day, bowling.


Please reach out if you have an idea, a great space to offer, or want to co-host an event!


Click on the link below and fill out the form so we can settle on the details with you!




Thank You for Considering!


The CMI Team


Questions?  Email: