Count Me In Tickets On Sale!
Wed, Mar 6 9:22am
Grattan Elementary

Grattan Community:  Count Me In tickets are now on sale!!!


Follow this link to buy your tickets today!


You'll find beach parties, ball games, wand-making workshops!

Opportunities to mixing and mingle with Grattan friends - and to make more!

Get your tickets now!


Available events (with new ones rolling in!):

4/6 - Go Fish (with us!)

4/6 - Harry Potter Wand-making workshop for kids!

4/13 - 3rd Grade Parent's Garden Party

4/24 - 2nd Grade Moms' Game Night

4/27 - 1st Grade Moms' Night Out

4/28 - 2nd Grade Hi-Five Sports Fun

5/10 - Teacher's Night Out

5/19 - Psychogeography Walk

6/1 - Salsa Rueda Intro Class

8/25 - Back to School Grill Out  (for Rising 2nd grade families)

9/15 - Take Me Out to the (Giants) Ballgame!

9/21 - Hot dog, it's a beach party!

9/29 - Rising 2nd Grader's Treasure Hunt

10/13 -Golden Gate Park Hike and Play (Rising 1st Graders)

11/14 - Rising 5th Grade Moms' Game Night



If you'd like to attend a CMI, but cost is prohibitive for you, please reach out to


We are still accepting events for additional CMI's so it is not too late!  Kinder families if you were not sure what CMI's were all about here they are... if you have any ideas please let us know!!