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Pie Day is coming up next Thursday, November 17, so get your donations in before then to help win some pies for the teachers in your grade(s)! 

For every $5,000 raised by November 16, a member of the Grattan community will participate in Pie Day during clap-in on Thursday, November 17 (for K-5) or in the mid-morning (for Pre-K). So if you haven't given yet, or even if you have, please consider making a donation by November 16! 


We encourage families to give in any way that is meaningful to them - just $1 gets you participation credit for your grade! 

  • Grades with at least 35% participation in the Annual Campaign will have one (1) parent or teacher get a pie in their face.
  • Grades with at least 50% participation will have two (2) parents or teachers get pies in their faces, and additionally win a real freshly-baked pie for their classroom teachers to enjoy at home!
  • The grade with the highest participation will receive a commemorative pie plate to celebrate all their efforts and engagement.

There are many ways to donate! 


Please reach out with any questions to or


For those of you whose employers make matching contributions, please ensure that the payment method you use to donate is eligible for your employer match. (Please note that if payment occurs via PayPal, it does go directly to the PayPal Giving Fund to avoid having your donation subject to a 3% fee, but is then directed to Grattan. It is still a charitable contribution for tax purposes, but an employer may not deem an eligible receiving entity.)


Thank you so much for your support of our wonderful school! 

~The Grattan PTA