First Day of School Information
Fri, Aug 14 5:00pm

Dear Families,


As you get ready for Monday please take a few breaths and remember we will get through this, our kids will learn and grow, and we will be a stronger community for it when we come out on the other side. 


If you missed Ms. Ellingson’s meeting last night, “How to Set Your Child Up For Success”, please click here for the slide deck.  We are working on posting the recording and hope to have that up first thing next week if not sooner.  Taking a few minutes to look through it may help ease some anxiety.


As I had mentioned previously school hours will be 9AM-2PM (finalized pending UBC approval sometime next week).  That does not mean your child will be engaged on line between 9AM-2PM.  Rather, this is the time frame within which all live instruction will take place.  In addition, you will receive classroom schedules that allocate when to complete asynchronous activities.  This is a suggested schedule for your family. It will be up to you and your child when asynchronous assignments are completed.  Please note per SB98, Kinders will have a minimum of 180 minutes of instructional time, 1st-3rd grade will have a minimum of 230 minutes, and 4th-5th will have a minimum of 240 minutes.  These mandated minutes include both synchronous and asynchronous.  


Teachers will be teaching live for a minimum of 120 minutes a day.  However, this does not mean your child will be in zoom meetings for 120 minutes a day.  Students will be in community circles most mornings and participate in whole group live instruction.  There will also be a significant amount of small group time to support higher levels of engagement.  


During these first two weeks you will see classrooms engaging in a large number of community meetings and social/emotional curriculum as we work to build community in a virtual setting.  In addition, teachers will be scheduling 1:1 calls/zooms with families to learn more about your child and how best we can support them during distance learning.  We will be starting slowly to foster the classroom community and communications needed to do the work that lies ahead.  


In order to support everyone come Monday morning we will have a team at school to answer phones and troubleshoot any tech issues you may be having for several hours in the morning starting at 8:30AM.  We will be able to provide classroom zoom links and help with username and passwords.  Please call the school line:(415) 759-2815 or our google voice number: 415-326-4807.  


If you have not yet signed up for ParentVUE please do so.  This is where we will be sending out official school communications.  Given that robo calls and email are going to be the main communication artery during distance learning please make sure your contact information is up to date.  If you did not receive a robo call from me to night that means your contact info is not up to date! 


You should have received a message either via Konstella or email from your classroom teacher welcoming you to the new year and sharing the schedule for the first week with all the links and information you will need to get going Monday morning.  Please reach out to Ms. Karen: or me: so we can share that with you if needed.  


Sending thoughts of grace and compassion for ourselves and each other! 


See you at Clap-In (it will be shared in individual rooms and also posted on our school website)  Monday morning!



Ms. Walter