GASP Update
Fri, Oct 2 4:06pm

We at GASP wanted to send out an update on some of the ways we have been working to support the Grattan community:


  • We are working with Principal Walter and her team to have GASP staff provide direct support to classroom Zoom’s during the school day. This will start off as a small-scale pilot, which if deemed successful, we will look to expand to support as many classrooms as possible.  Currently we will be able to use grant money from both the city and state to cover all associated costs for supporting distance learning.
  • We are also working on the possibility of using open space at Grattan Playground to allow some children group access outside.  However, there are quite a number of restrictions on both the space available and the time available for using not just Grattan Playground, but most public open space in the city. We are still researching the viability of this option, but if successful, we would only be able to serve a small group of children, at least in the short term. 
  • We are  currently not allowed to utilize the school, outdoor or indoor spaces, with no firm deadline in place on when we might be able to utilize any school spaces. Right now it is simply wait and see.


Yours in Community,


Emmett Phelan

GASP Program Director