Grattan's 7th Annual FUN RUN Volunteer Sign Up!
Grattan Elementary
It's time for our 7th annual Fun Run!
When: Friday, April 26th, 2018 (Our fundraising efforts begin on 4/8/18)
Where: Continuous Run around Grattan School
 We need a bunch of fun-loving adult volunteers to make this annual event run smoothly and safely for our students.  Every Grattan student (and volunteers) gets a T-shirt for this amazing community building event,  and all volunteers are in great company!  Please join us in celebrating our Grattan community, while promoting healthy habits and an active lifestyle for our children.  


Roaming Registration & Collection Teams Signed Up: 7 / 8

Teams of two will go into assigned classrooms to collect registration forms, mark kids, check waivers, distribute shirts, and collect and count cash.
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Water Sprayers Signed Up: 7 / 4

This is FUN! Spray kids with with water to keep them cool as they run by. Prior to spraying the kids your help will be needed in the food prep area.

Course Setup & Corner Marshall Signed Up: 4 / 4

Own a block! Make sure block is clear of obstacles, mark course with duck tape and set-up corner monitoring station with cone, kid cheering squad, course roamer.

Water Station Team Signed Up: 10 / 10

You will be in charge of setting up the water stations on the course, refill water cups, help kids stay safe. Your help may be needed in the food prep area as well. 6-8 volunteers for outside track 2 volunteers for inside Super Track.

Food Finish Chute Monitors Signed Up: 3 / 4

Prep snacks and tables for finish chute. Help direct children to food tables, forming a line. Distribute food to children.
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Lap Markers at Alma Street Gate Signed Up: 7 / 8

Mark each child with a hash mark as they go by to record laps. Prior to marking the kids your help will be needed in the food prep area.
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Lap Markers for Super Track Signed Up: 4 / 4

We need 4 people to mark kids with hash mark as they lap. Prior to marking the kids your help will be needed in the food prep area. The 'Super-Track' on the upper yard will be for walking/moving in a mellower way. The DJ will be spinning fresh tunes, and we'll have fun non-walk/run distractions on that track to keep the kids engaged. Any kid wanting a break from the big laps can walk/run on the 'Super-Track' and still get credit for their laps. Doesn't this sound fun?

Floaters Signed Up: 4 / 3

Own your own block! Cheer-lead, encourage, help keep children safe. Block traffic as necessary.