Grattan's GoFundMe
Sun, Aug 9 5:13pm

As we all know, the past several months have been tremendously challenging for all of us. Some of the families in our community have been faced with particularly difficult economic challenges. Many in our community have lost jobs, some have insecure housing, and many are struggling to make basic ends meet.  

It is a priority this year that the Grattan community stands together to take care of those who need it most. The PTA has started a GoFundMe account to raise funds to help out families. This account is completely separate from existing PTA funds, and will be used exclusively to provide food, rent, and gift cards (to Safeway, Target, etc) to make sure the basic needs of our families are being met. We elected to use GoFundMe to maximize transparency of where this money was coming from and where it was being directed.  
The link to the GoFundMe is below.  We are hopeful that those who are able will give to those in need.  These funds will go to families who have reached out to Ms. Walter.  If you find that you and your family need help during this time, please reach out to Ms. Walter and Ms. Toni.  
In community, 
The Grattan PTA