Grattan, ASSEMBLE!! 50 Volunteers Needed!!
Wed, May 1 10:29am
Grattan Elementary

Hello Grattan Community!

If you've ever wondered how our community works towards making a successful school, it's through events, meetings, and volunteering.  Connecting in person, eye to eye, is a great way of making those lasting connections for you and your student at Grattan.  Online communication is super efficient, but there's nothing like meeting people in person.   And there are so many amazing people at Grattan, seriously!

Volunteering can help you make those connections.  So many families are looking  for other people with common interests in their community.  By attending these events, as a spectator or a volunteer, you have the opportunity to be seen, and your voice heard.  

New families joining us at the Fun Fest are eager to meet their new school community, too.  You can represent the best of us by volunteering on Sunday.

The students and teachers are so excited about Sunday's FUN FEST event!  As many know, this is the biggest Grattan event of the year. 

That said, BIG events need BIG volunteering.  If you have been trying to volunteer this year but haven't been able to because life is crazy, now is the time to step up!

We need 50 more volunteers.  It may sound like a lot, and that's because it *is* a lot.  We can't do it without you, Grattan volunteers.  Without you, we will need to downsize the event to accommodate the lack of help, and no one wants small fun.  We want ALL THE FUN!

So, please give the list a look and check out the fun opportunities for you to mix and mingle among your community.  We want to get to know you, so come out and join us this Sunday!


Volunteering is the key to community building, Grattan!  Strengthen your child's community, and make a difference!

With Gratitude,

Kristina Kim and Nada Perrone

Volunteering VP and AVP