Help Launch the Enrichment Committee this Thursday!
Tue, Oct 27 9:59pm
Grattan Elementary

The After-School Enrichment Program that is run by the PTA is a well-loved program that requires an immense amount of work on the part of our parents. In order to keep this program active and sustainable, and in order to share the work among more members of our community, we have decided to create an Enrichment Committee.

The Enrichment Committee will have its inaugural meeting this Thursday morning after clap-in! Join us in the staff lounge to discuss the duties and responsibilities of this new committee and to help come up with a plan for how to streamline the enrichment process.

If your child is currently enjoying an after-school class—from sewing to Spanish, from Taiko to Tree Frog Treks—think about helping to keep the program alive. Join us on Thursday!

Questions? Contact Jessica at