Info on Egg Drop
Sun, Apr 5 9:46am

The idea behind the Cyberspace EggDrop Challenge is to try to somehow connect our entire community through project based learning. Choosing something that feels familiar and opening it up to a student’s imagination. In creating this activity, I am taking into account the need for equity and accessibility mixed with our current reality for what I hope will be a child driven, parent supported, fun learning experience for entire families.

I will be emailing students an announcement about the challenge, a due date, and some suggestions encouraging them to think out of the box when planning their egg drop. Please be sure to check in with them to see whether they have received the email challenge. My goal is to send the email mid week this week. This is open to all students.

If you have any questions give me a holler

And remember - Drinking can cause memory loss, or even worse memory loss.

Be well
Mr. Philip