Letter From Ms. Walter 3/26/20
Thu, Mar 26 4:58pm

Dear Families,


It’s hard to process all that is happening in our world right now.  I’m struggling to come to terms with no physical school until at least May 4th and what distance learning, and administrating distance learning, will look like.  Standing up in front of you all each morning still makes me nervous, even years into this, but oh how I miss morning clap in right now! This is new unchartered territory for all of us.  It is A LOT!! I know families are dealing with more stress, many of you are trying to work at home with children underfoot, and you are supervising learning in a way that is new to most parents.  So, please, be kind to yourselves and others as we try and get through this as a community.  


Hopefully, you have been receiving district updates via robocalls and email.  If not, please reach out to Karen (calbertk@sfusd.edu) or me (walterc@sfusd.edu) so we can work to update your contact information.  This week SFUSD shared optional learning resources that students and caregivers can engage in at home.  In addition, tech deployment began for middle and high school students.  When that is completed we will begin deploying devices to those that need it for 3rd - 5th grade.   If you have not filled out the family survey that was shared last week and have a 3rd - 5th grader with technology needs you MUST email ASAP so I can ensure you have a device.  Distance learning will officially begin the week of April 13th.  3rd-5th will be moving to a digital platform and PK-2 will be a combination of paper and pencil and digital where appropriate.  


Until then all assignments are voluntary.  Please refrain from contacting teachers for additional assignments.  Instead, check out the SFUSD optional learning resources.  Our teachers are working round the clock trying to get up to speed with all the new technology being utilized, as well as cultivating on-line resources and creating new ways of interacting and instructing.  Moving from a physical classroom to a virtual one with really no warning and little training is a huge leap. We will get there, just be patient with us. Our goal is to be more unified in what you are seeing across the board and more streamlined with communication by April 13th.  


Many of you have reached out to inquire about GASP.  Please know they are working to credit you back any tuition that has been charged for April.  Emmett, GASP’s Program Director, will be reaching out to families with more information. In addition, Emmett and the Board are investigating numerous options so we can try and continue to support our GASP staff.  Please check out the GASP website for updates.  


PK families - please note that tuition payments will also be suspended for you until school is back in session on campus! 


I don’t know about you, but I am feeling overwhelmed with all the information coming at me.  Therefore, I will aim to send out one communication each Tuesday with updates that I will also post on the Grattan website.  The goal will be for our website to be a single source of current district and Grattan information that you can access when you are able.  


I don’t think any of us could have foreseen educating our children in a virtual reality for a significant stretch of time.  If someone told me last fall this would be part of the 2019-2020 school year’s plan I wouldn’t have believed it. But, I can say my teachers have risen to the occasion.  They are an engaged group of educators who are taking it in stride, supporting one another, and care deeply about making the next month and a half meaningful for their students.  They’re inspiring me and giving me hope that we can do this!   


I can’t wait to see you all again, in person, so we can celebrate this amazing Grattan community!


With Love,

Ms. Walter