Letter From Ms. Walter
Thu, Mar 19 1:53pm

Dear Grattan Families,


I hope this note finds you well and staying sane!  The reality shift has been swift and all encompassing and I hope you are finding ways to take care of yourselves so you are able to be present for your children.  Like many of you, I’m trying to work from home while having two toddlers underfoot! It’s not easy but I’m trying to breath deep and find some silver linings. I never anticipated that I’d be learning how to potentially run a virtual school but here I am!  


Our teachers have been busy themselves trying to rethink instruction and what it may look like remotely.  Many of them have already set up google classrooms and/or are reaching out via email and konstella about what to do.  Please know these “assignments” are not mandatory but rather suggestions on things you can be doing. However, what is also equally as important, if not more so, is spending some time with your kiddos.  Get engrossed in a fabulous read aloud, bake some cookies and talk about fractions, go to some green space and run and play ball. These are precious moments indeed when we are able to spend such large amounts of time with our families.  Capitalize on them when you are able to shut your own laptop!  


It is really too early to make any predictions about what is to come.  If we are looking at a longer school closure there will be a systematic district wide roll out of distance learning.  I believe the school board is meeting next Tuesday and we will hear more about long-term plans if needed.  


In the meantime, please take three minutes to fill out this Family Needs Survey.  We are wanting to get a full and accurate picture on what is going to be needed if distance learning becomes our new reality for the coming weeks/months.  


Please stay well, take some deep breaths, and revel in the time you get to spend with your family.  (I say this as my two boys are screaming in the background over a Paw Patrol toy!)


In Community,

Ms. Walter