Lucky Goodies Jars Needed for FunFest Booth
Thu, May 4
Ms. Lee (208)

Hello Grattan families, 




The Lucky Goodies Jar Booth is well loved by all kids at Grattan including incoming students. & siblings.  Of course it's only as successful as our collective community makes it.  The more jars the more kids can participate. 


 We're looking to gather at least (350) jars collectively over all grades and can not do this without your support. 


 We have a table set up outside Ms. Walter's office for jar pick ups and drop offs. For those that want to contribute just items we recommend dropping off a ZipLoc bag full of goodies and we'll handle putting in a jar.  You can also hand deliver jars or ZipLoc goodie bags to Ringae (Odysseus' mom) and Lauranne (Mary's mom) at clap-in. 


Please see attached flyer for ideas. 


Thank you for contributing and helping make this a successful event. 


Lauranne & Ringae - FunFest Lucky Goodies Booth Leads



Filled Jars or ZipLoc bags Signed Up: 13 / 375

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