Lunch and Recess Volunteers!
Weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from Aug 28, 2017 to Jun 8, 2018
2 days before

Keeping our school safe is our number one priority, and we depend on parent and family volunteers to help us manage the large number of students in the lunch room and on the playground during key times in the day.  


Lunch duty requires parent/family volunteers to come in for an hour block of time, beginning in the cafeteria with our students.  After lunch, the volunteer is on the yard, managing the students through their recess, making sure we all follow the "Grattan Way" and keep our school as safe as possible.


If you are interested in volunteering for lunch/recess duty, please sign up below.  You are encouraged (but not required) to sign up for a regular slot, as this allows students to get to know you personally and build relationships with the adults in their community.  


There will be an orientation for all lunch/recess volunteers to give guidance and clear goals while performing volunteering duties.  Please try to attend this meeting, as you will get a better understanding of the Grattan Way, the rules of the playground and the cafeteria, as well as the universal way we communicate with our students at Grattan so as to avoid confusion and conflict.

ORIENTATION DATES (please attend one):

Tuesday, 9/26 at 8am, Grattan cafeteria

Thursday, 9/28 at 6pm during the second half of the PTA meeting, Grattan cafeteria


Our lunches are staggered by grade levels K/1, 2/3, and 4/5.  Typically, the younger groups need more assistance with lunch and play.  The older children need more help and guidance with self-regulation and personal reflection when in conflict on the yard.  Behavior management is a key component of volunteering for all grade levels.  


Teachers strongly encourage you to volunteer for this very active time in our school day, as it often brings volunteer parents together as a group and makes our school structure stronger and more cohesive.  Teachers and administration are so grateful to see friendly, enthusiastic family members become examples for our students, big and small.  


Thank you for volunteering!  We are so thankful for your help.


The PTA Volunteering Committee

Kristina Kim and Rachel Rosenblum